Learn what to expect, ask and do make the best of things and maximise your payoff if necessary.  
If you're a UK professional and want to know what to expect, ask and do if it happens to you....so you maximise your payoff and leave with your head held high and dignity intact.
....then my "REDUNDANCY RESPONSE KIT" is for you

You'll learn:

What to expect in terms of timing, process and payoffs

My 5 step framework to navigating redundancy so you keep your head in the game and overwhelm at bay.

6 golden rules you need to remember as you go through the redundancy process so you make the best of things and keep your reputation intact.

How to assess your choices given your situation.

The types of things you can negotiate with the usual (and unusual!) requests I've seen over the years

The questions to ask to maximise your chances of getting what you want.

How to find the magical win | win so you and your organisation take the easier route to settlement.

When you need to call an expert and where to find one!

Want more info on those scripts? Here you go!  They cover the 9 most common things people negotiate with scripts you can take and tailor to your exact situation. 

  • Increase compensation 
  • Bonus inclusion
  • Get PILON
  • Get gardening leave
  • Delay the deadline
  • Get outplacement or re-training 
  • Increase legal fees
  • Reasons to let you go
  • Reasons to keep you
  • BONUS - Swipe file of phrases to smooth the conversation
  • BONUS - Exit Negotiation 101 
    • 5 brilliant negotiation techniques that work
    • Understand a "no" and make it easy for them to say "yes!"
    • 1 page prep for any negotiation
    • My insider HR advice on health considerations

You'll get:

5 part reference guide in bite size pieces - so you can find what you want when you need it.   

Redundancy and Negotiation Checklists to help you stay organised and on track 

Private podcast if you prefer to listen.

A concise workbook taking you through the things you may need to do through the severance process.

Question bank to help you ask questions in the right order at the right time to get the best result

My exact negotiation scripts to help you have the conversation using language that lands

Full access and updates for the lifetime of this product.

An invitation to my private student/client only group (and it's off social media!)

BONUS coaching tool "How to keep calm in a crisis" 

All this for just £75
Is this right for you?

You're in the UK

You want to be prepared and know what to expect

You want to know what you should ask in each meeting

You want to find out the usual (and unusual!) areas that may be open to negotiation 

You're outside the UK

You want specific legal advice or 1:1 support

You're in severance discussions (buy Severance Support Kit!)

Limited use if your organisation is covered by union agreements, is bankrupt or in administration.

This is what clients say about my approach:
"Nicola cuts through all the emotion and tension!"

"The advice I received from Nicola was cool and calm (just like her) at a time when I was anything but. Massive changes in your career can create lots of emotion and tension but Nicola manages to cut through all of that to help you deal with things in a business like manner."

~ Steve

"She gave me the confidence to ask questions"

"Nicola helped me navigate an elegant exit from the company I'd worked at for many years. She gave me the confidence to ask questions and prepared me for the changes which followed, offering factual knowledge and emotional support - often lifting my spirits with humour!"

~ Susannah

"I left with my head held high and relationships intact"

"I would strongly recommend Nicola if you find yourself in the position where it's clear your employer would like you to leave - having her "hold my hand" through the process was hugely reassuring and I left with my head held high, relationships intact and she also helped "add value" in terms of my ultimate departure package."

~ Anonymous

"I got a better deal in an easier way"

"Nicola gave me one piece of advice that changed the course of my exit. I'm very grateful.  I saved lots of energy and I got a better deal in an easier way. I didn't know this was possible until I listened to her"

~ Anonymous

Buy it now for £75!

You might be wondering why it's so cheap?  

I know I could charge loads more than this because I've only ever offered it as a 

one to one service - and it cost £1200.  

Now that sounds like a lot but it added thousands to my clients severance packages 

and got them through with their dignity and reputations intact.


So why have I created this low cost kit?  

Well....I hate seeing people trapped in work they don't love so I'm on a mission to change that - regardless of budget.

The CAREER KITS are my solution - where I offer a huge help at a small price for common career problems.

This is a PRE-SALE so after purchase, you'll get access to the Redundancy Response Kit by 5TH December 2022 and can start taking action towards knowing what to expect, ask and do if it happens to you.

If that makes sense...
So who am I to share this?

I'm Nicola Payne, and I blend 20 years' HR and coaching expertise to help people and organisations have better conversations... so they get the best out of each other.

I'm also someone who's been on all sides of the fence as far as severance situations goes.... as an HR Director, a Line Manager and an employee. 

  • I've led large and small scale redundancy programmes.
  • I've set severance policy and answered 1000s of severance questions from employees and line managers.
  • I've advised on 100s of "without prejudice" conversations for all sorts of reasons. 
  • I've spent hours debating the finer points of severance strategy with talented employment lawyers. 
  • I've led Employment Relations teams and overseen settlement cases. 
  • I've participated in settlement mediation and am a trained mediator too. 
  • I've had to tell people their roles are redundant as a line manager (this was the worst....) 
  • AND last but definitely not least, my role was made redundant too.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is The Redundancy Response Kit right for you?

  • When do I get access to the program?
    You'll get a confirmation from me instantly. If you don't see an email from me, then please check your SPAM/JUNK folder as sometimes it goes in there! If it's not there, then please email us at support@people-savvy.com
  • What if I don't like it?
    If you don't feel like you've learned anything new or useful, let me know in 14 days and I'll refund you in full. More refund details can be found in the terms and conditions.
  • I'm a coach, can I buy this and/or use it with my clients?
    Thanks for asking! And yes, you can buy it just like anyone else and each purchase entitles you to 1 licence for your own personal use. If you want to use it with clients, then please send them the link to purchase for their use too.

    Also - I always try and create a win/win where I can, so why not join my referral scheme where you can earn up to 40% commission, help your clients and I get to grow my business too!

    More details here..... https://people-savvy-referral.paperform.co
  • I'm in HR, can I use this with my employees?
    I'd LOVE to see organisations using the kits as I'm all about helping people and organisations have better conversations and get the best out of each other. That said, I'm just putting the finishing touches to an "Employer" version which will probably suit you better.

    Join the waitlist for this and learn how to licence it for your organisation. https://employerwaitlist.paperform.co
  • Do you have a affiliate/referral program?
    YES! I'm all about the win/win, so click the link below for details of my referral programme where you can earn up to 40% commission, help your colleagues, clients and friends AND I get to grow my business too.

  • Will the Kit give me legal advice and/or tell me what I should do?
    The answer to both of these questions is "NO". I'm not a lawyer, so I'm unable to give legal advice - however the Redundancy Response Kit does point you in the right direction on when you might need this and where to get it (in the UK).

    Also, as I don't know anything about your individual situation, it would be inappropriate for me to tell you what you should do. The Kit explains the process so you know what to expect and covers common scenarios and gives you things to think about so you can make more informed decisions for yourself.

    It does not replace legal advice that you may also need.
  • I live outside the UK - will the Kit be helpful for me?
    The easy answer is I don't know! This Kit was designed for a UK audience as I'm very familiar with employment practices here.

    Each country varies wildly in terms of their employment practices and laws and the UK is very different from other countries in Europe and different again from the US or the countries in South America or Asia etc. So I guess it may give you some things to think about, but it's unlikely to be applicable across the board.

  • How long will I have access?
    I like to keep things simple, so you'll have lifetime access for as long as I have this product.

    And even better, I have a long standing perfectionist gene, so I listen to customers and often add stuff in to make things even better. And you'll get access to all these updates for FREE (yes really....!)
  • As an ex HR Director, are you a poacher turned gamekeeper?
    Haha! I don't see it like that - because as a coach, I don't think I need to be either/or.

    I'm on the side of people having better conversations, because that's better for everyone - employees, HR and Leaders too (and I can say that having sat in all 3 of those seats!)

    I've seen how conversations change when people show up more positive and informed and I genuinely think it leads to better workplaces for everyone.

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